The Goal: Fast, Easy, Comprehensive

Current digital twins/simulations either require specialized training and several college degrees to use, or are so simple its only useful for basic training. 2D Metric has opted for the middle ground.

No Coding Necessary.

No 3D Modelling.

Custom tailored to restaurants

No Code

Wiz kid not required

Our system operates similarly to excel where you can craft simple logic to perform complex tasks. The tasks our simulated employees follow are like following a recipe. You create the recipe and they go through the motions. We also included data validation tools that can inform you if something is wrong, and how to fix it quickly.

No 3D

Function over form

This may disappoint all 3D modelers, but for everyone else 2D is the only way this tool can be useable. Since you will build custom assets to use in simulations, you need to be able to see them. If you can use MS Paint, you can build your own assets easily.

Restaurant Digital Twin

Tailored for ease of use

Our digital twin tool can technically simulate any business with enough effort. But a digital twin tool built for any type of business would mean you have to put more effort in to get the insights you need. So for you we tailored all our UI and systems to the restaurant industry. So you can get what you need, as quickly and easily as possible.

Why 2D Metric
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